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In case you forgot what I look like...

Went to BFF Rocco and Alexandra's wedding last weekend down in South Jerz [The Mansion, Voorhees]...I'm still waiting to get engaged...and getting older by the second!

Work is work, nothing new here otherwise...

Remember me?

Since I am currently at a lull here at good ole’ West-ward[toyourmother] Pharmaceutical Corporation, nothing like a much-needed update to let all of jew know what yours truly is up to these days.

Matt [the boyf] and I are still going strong. We will celebrate our 2-year anniversary this month and renewed our lease for our apartment [Long Branch] for another year, ending next April. We took our first vacay together this past April to Jamaica, and can’t wait to go back!

This one was taken last weekend, at the infamous Magnolia’s Bakery in NYC.

I’m patiently waiting to get engaged. I mean, hey, I’m not getting any younger [turning 30 in March]…I can’t wait to start planning our wedding! Until then, we will continue to party down and have fun, which is what being in a relationship is all about.
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Don't feel bad yuenglingrrl147, I turn 29 in two weeks, and I am NOT looking forward to it.

My 25th "Quarter Century of Excellence" celebration culminated at the same bar I spent my 21st birthday downing shots at.

I totes agree with you. As you get older, your birthday's become less and less exciting, but we make the best of them, as in everything else in our lives.

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If your 10 year high school reunion is coming up, go. It may sound corny and blah blah blah, but go. It's interesting to see who has changed, who works where, who lives where, who is preg-o, who is married, who still parties like a rockstar...

Sure, you'll point fingers afterwards, but that is life!

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He keeps me company, he cleans my apartment, he sucks everything up and best of all...HE DOESN'T TALK BACK!


I absoutely HEART my new vacuum tons!

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Tons has been going down since my last update.

First and foremost, Matt and I signed a lease last night to move in together! “Our” apartment is on Ocean Avenue in Long Branch and we move in April 1st! It’s perfect and I absolutely LOVE it! We have our own parking spot, which both of our cars can fit in and best of all…an ocean view!

I’m really excited to take “the next step” with him. And hey, if we can’t live together, then we aren’t meant to be together, right?

My birthday was March 1st. The big 2-8. Two sets of flowers were delivered to me at work, one from my parents, the other from Matt. I got all sorts of little “gag” gifts from my co-workers and a fab cake from Cold Stone[r] Creamery.

Last Friday night, a bunch of friends and I went to 507 Main in Belmar to celebrate. I was a little bugged at first because Matt and I were the last ones to get there. I got nervous and jumbled – I felt like I was being pulled in ten different directions at the same time, but once we settled, I made my way around to everyone and had a great time.

Last Saturday night, Matt took me to see one of his fave bands, Overkill. Way hardcore, heavy metal, head banger-type music. He was in his glory! I had never been to Starland Ballroom before – I think it was Hunka Junka, but I’m not sure.

This week was crazy. Dealing with our realtor and seeing different apartments almost every night, but we finally found one we both like. I’m so stoked to be moving back to my old “stomping grounds”. I love West End/Long Branch and living 20 feet from the beach…what more could I ask for?!?!

I haven’t received my tax return yet, and my March bonus should be here next week, so a ton of money is coming in and I can’t wait to buy things for our apartment! Hello Dollar Store!


The p's have just taken off for Chicago, leaving me with 9 Deb to myself [and the boy!] all weekend!

Problem: Laura's [my sis] boyfriends' band is playing tonite @ The Brighton Bar. Laura asked me to go with her three weeks ago, and I agreed. At that time, she invited both Matt and I. As of late, Matt and Laura do not get along. Laura thinks I spend too much time with Matt, and it takes away from our time, sister time. Matt thinks Laura is a bad influence on me, because when Laura and I go out, we go all out. So, Matt doesn't like Laura, and Laura doesn't like Matt.

Do I keep my promise to my sister and go with her, even though there will be an argument?

Do I bring Matt with me, and suffer the consequences of my sister being mad at me?

Or do I not go to the show, make Matt happy and have my sister pissed at me?

Ahh...decisions, decisions...

Tomorrow, I'm treating myself [and my best friend, Katie] to new makeup from the MAC counter @ Nordstrom. I'm a little embarassed to say this, but I haven't had new makeup since...2001. Yes, 2001, when I got my first job out of college. It was Laura Mercier, and the girl that "did me over" had really, really, really bad cigarette-breath, and I swore I would never go back to that counter again.

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That's Katie, and my sister...

Ok, ok...here's another confession: My mother and I share makeup. MAC makeup, and I absolutely LOVE it.

So, I think it's about time I get my own makeup, the right makeup. Tomorrow, Katie and I will be pampered, then tomorrow night, we'll go out and celebrate how fab we both look!

Heading out to Olive Garden [aka "the OG"] for lunch in a few minutes, hasta!
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